Pet Nat Rosé 2022


Mas Lasta

A tangy little treat!


Sandstone and schist


Bottled upright


Direct pressing of whole bunches. Fermentation draw-off. End of fermentation in bottle under capsule.

Serving temperature


Ageing potential

3 years

Product details

The wine

This cuvée was born of Anne-Laure Sicard's desire to produce her own natural sparkling wine. Having no white grape variety, she decided to discard some of the juice from the direct pressing of her dry white wine, a 100% Grenache Noir blanc de noir. The first year of production, when the press juice began to color, she stopped to avoid further tinting the wine. The following year, she had the idea of continuing to press, and the juice began to take on a fuchsia-pink hue, but also extracted the lovely fruitiness of Grenache Noir. Pet Nat Rosé was born! The process is a familiar one: the juice is drawn off and fermented, then bottled to create fine bubbles. The result is a pet nat blanc de noir that's taut, lively and chiselled, with slightly gourmand notes of tart candy. A bombshell! Enjoy it on any occasion, whatever your thirst!

The estate

Anne-Laure Sicard is a new winemaker in Terrasses du Larzac. An oenologist and agricultural engineer, her quest for wine has taken her to the four corners of the globe, where she has worked in numerous estates, accumulating knowledge, forging the design of what was to become Mas Lasta. In 2016, she found her little paradise, 8 hectares of small plots interspersed with groves of white oak and stretches of broom, nestled at the foot of the springs of the Causse Aveyronnais, between the sheepfolds of Roquefort ewes, the olive groves of Lucquiers and the wolf. Anne-Laure undertakes a monumental


  • Reference


  • Certification Natural Method Wine Organic
  • Contains sulfites No
  • Grape varieties Grenache noir
  • Color Sparkling
  • Vintage 2023
  • Alcohol level 12.5°
  • Content 75cl

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