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The Grappe cellar

Grappe, what's that?

A living wine cellar located in Gignac in the Hérault (34150), created in 2017 with the very specific aim of sharing my love for natural wines with as many people as possible, with joy!

The estates on offer are organic or biodynamic, with or without labels.

Vinification is natural, meaning that fermentation starts with the indigenous yeasts present on the berries, thus preserving the terroir's imprint from the vine to the glass.

Only a minimal dose of sulfite is tolerated at bottling.

Grappe also offers craft beers, spirits, wine accessories and books.

Cave Grappe Gignac 34150
Cave Grappe Gignac 34150

Grappe, c’est qui ?

My name is Lucas Blanc. I grew up surrounded by vines and garrigue, in the magnificent landscape that today bears the appellation “Terrasses du Larzac”.

I used to work in the entertainment and events industry as a technician, but fate led me to the restaurant business. It was there that I developed a passion for gastronomy and wine, and met some die-hard winemakers who produce natural wines. With them, I tasted wines from all horizons, my palate evolved and from that moment on I would never taste conventional wines again, finding them of no interest to me in terms of taste or emotion.

I came up against a paradox: people, and even many restaurateurs, are interested in eating well (where the product comes from, its quality, whether its farming is respectful of the living world), but not in drinking well! So I decided to create a place where we could offer living wines and explain to customers what was behind the conventional or even bio-conventional wines they were used to drinking, and steer them towards healthier wines, with a taste for grapes, and why not, beautiful emotions?

Grappe was born!

Grappe, the website?

Growing demand from customers who live far from Grappe and want to take advantage of my selection of wines, craft beers and spirits has led me to propose an online sales site worthy of the name so that you can enjoy a more fun, pleasant and accurate experience. cavegrappe.com is born!

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